The Pooltester allows simultaneous determination of the most popular water treatment agents and the pH value.

Water Treatment

pH value
The pH value of pool & spa water should generally be between the slightly acidic value of 6.5 and the slightly basic value of 7.6. Due to the use of various water treatment chemicals as well as ambient environmental effects, pool owners have to determine the pH of the water and correct the value as necessary.

Nowadays, pool owners can choose from a range of modern water treatment agents that are often used in combination.
These water treatment chemicals are only effective within a limited pH range. Therefore in addition to checking the concentration of the water treatment chemicals, the owner/operator should also monitor the pH value of pool water and adjust it if necessary.


Pooltester / Multipooltester

The Pooltester is designed for the simultaneous determination of the most popular water treat- ment agents and the pH value. Additionally the Multipooltester allows the determination of cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness.

Multipooltester dimensions: 166 x 57 x 117 mm (L x W x H).

Delivery Content Multipooltester
1 Pooltester pH-Chlorine
1 Stirring rod, length 10 cm
1 Tube assembly unit (Cyanuric Acid)
1 Brush
20 DPD No.1 RAPID tablets
20 DPD No.3 RAPID tablets
10 CyA-TEST tablets
10 ALK-TEST tablets
10 CAL-TEST tablets
2 Tubes (100 ml for 20 – 200 mg/l and 30 ml for 80 – 800 mg/l CaCO3)
1 Instruction Manual