Coliform E.coli Test Kit

  • Early identification of bacterial contamination
  • Simple one step procedure
  • Coliforms and E.coli in one test
  • 100ml sample (regulatory reporting)
  • Detects one CFU/100ml

Potable water is our most important nutrient, used for both drinking and cooking. The water being used for personal hygiene and all types of cleaning requires the same high quality. It is therefore important to have enough water of satisfactory quality to cover all types of usage. Safe potable water secures good health, but water can also contain hazardous microbes that cause infectious disease or food poisoning. Coliform and E.coli are good indicators of general bacterial contamination and, because they are easy to test for, make ideal indicator bacteria to monitor in water courses, tanks and pipe work. WHO guidelines on potable water quality state that zero Colony Forming Units (CFU) of coliforms and E.coli should be present per 100ml of water sample. The Lovibond® system tests 100ml samples and will indicate the presence of just one CFU/100ml.

The test uses a pre-dispensed dry blended reagent formulation for total coliform and E.coli. Positive samples are detected by a visible colour change. Performing the coliform test is simple. Add one sachet to 100ml of water, incubate and note the colour change. The formation of a yellow colour in 24 hours or less indicates the presence of total coliforms. Positive tubes are then checked for the presence of E.coli by looking for fluorescence under UV light.

A simple, reliable technique which enables the rapid, confirmed enumeration of both total coliforms and pathogenic E.coli. The Lovibond® DI 10 dipslide incubator is ideal for correct incubation of samples prior to reading, see page 21 for information.

Code: 56K009701
Coliform/E.coli Test Kit

Code Article Tests
56B002125 Coliform/E.coli test set (includes 25 test sachets & 25 sample bags) 25
56B001425 Coliform/E.coli sachets 25
56B001525 100ml Sample Bags (with thiosulphate) 25
56B001601 UV Lamp (battery operated)
56B000701 DI 10 Dipslide Incubator


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