Cooling Water (closed system)

  • Prevents corrosion and scale
  • Accurate inhibitor dosage rates
  • Reproducible, accurate results
  • Antifreeze/glycol option

Closed water systems are sealed entities, designed to distribute hot or chilled water, often as part of a manufacturing process. These systems are particularly susceptible to corrosion and scale if not properly treated. Care must be taken when selecting the measurement system/chemistry used as inhibitor dose rates are high making the aqueous environment particularly aggressive. These two closed system test kits have been specifically designed for the application and deliver reproducible and accurate results, even with highly coloured samples.

Cooling Water/LPHW/Chilled Test Kit 3:
Ideal for daily checks on nitrite and pH levels.

Code Product Range Tests/Packs
56R007990 Nitrite Drop Test 10 – 2000 mg/l NaNO2 100+
56S001190 pH Test Strips pH 7 – 14,00 100

Cooling Water/LPHW/Chilled Test Kit 4:
A more complete analysis kit including molybdate, iron & conductivity.

Code Product Range Tests/Packs
146220W Iron LR CHECKIT® Comparator Disc 0 – 1 mg/l Fe
56R020790 Iron LR CHECKIT® Reagent Pack 0 – 1 mg/l Fe 250
56R007590 Molybdate Drop Test 25 – 400 mg/l MoO4 100+
56R007990 Nitrite Drop Test 10 – 2000 mg/l NaNO2 100+
194800 SD 50 Hand-held pH meter pH 0 – 14,00
194802 SD 70 Hand-held conductivity & temperature meter 0 – 20000 µS,
0 – 60 °C


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