Potable Water

  • Enables compliance to WHO guidelines
  • Integrated kit to test all required parameters
  • Easy-to-follow testing process: no training required
  • Suitable for use in rural communities without access to laboratories

In many areas of the third world, drinking water quality cannot be relied upon. It is vital to be able to screen water sources for potability to prevent the spread of water borne infection. The World Health Organisation publishes guidelines for drinking water quality. A section of a summary table included as part of these guidelines is given (below) for the maximum tolerable concentration for both chemical and microbiological contaminants. The Lovibond® potable water check test kit enables an effective screen of water supplies for these key indicators of faecal and agricultural contamination to help in the assessment of general quality and potability.

The tests are simple to use and no operator training is required. However, it is important that the operator carries out all tests in a precise and competent manner, with due consideration for cleanliness at all times. Tests have been carefully chosen so that they can be used in the more rural global locations, where access to laboratory facilities is limited.

1. Arsenic Limit 0,01 mg/l (10 µg/l)
2. E.coli Limit 0 KBE pro 100 ml
3. Hardness Ideal unter 500 mg/l
4. Nitrate Limit 50 mg/l
5. Nitrite Limit 3 mg/l
6. pH Ideal Range 6,5 bis 9,5 pH
7. TDS Ideal unter 1500 mg/l

Code: 56K002601:
Potable (Water Check) Test Kit

Code Product Range Tests/Packs
56S002105 Arsenic Colour Card Test 0 – 100 ug/l 5
56B002125 Coliform/E.coli test set – includes Detects 1 CFU/100ml 25
56B001425: Coliforms/E.coli test sachets
56B001525: Thio Bags (with Thiosulphate)
56B001601 UV lamp (battery operated) E.coli determination
56S000950 Hardness Test Strips 0 – 500 mg/l as CaCO3 50
56S001090 pH Test Strips pH 4,5 – 10 100
56S001890 Nitrite/Nitrate Test Strips 0 – 500 mg/l NO3– / 1-80 mg/l NO2 100
56M000501 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter 0 – 5000 mg/l TDS


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