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Pools & Spas

Swimming and bathing are without doubt some of the most popular leisure activities, whe- ther at school, in a competitive environment, for exercise or simply relaxation.

The concept of „Wellness” has created a new trend; wellness enthusiasts are people who have made a conscious decision to stay fit and active with the aim of achieving/maintaining good health and a general feeling of well-being and at- taining harmony of body, mind and soul.

In order to achieve this goal, people make wide-ranging use of swimming pools, spas, and many other similar facilities.

Regardless of the motivation for swimming and si- milar activities, people attach great importance to clean and hygienic water both indoors and out.

Water Treatment and Water Testing

State-of-the-art water treatment is an essential precondition for safe and healthy bathing and swimming – whether in private or public facilities. In order to satisfy health-related criteria while maintaining the value of such a facility, the golden rule for water treatment is „as much as necessary and as little as possible”.

It goes without saying that the main water quality

parameters need to be checked on a regular basis in order to ensure an optimum water treatment programme in changing operating conditions. If testing shows that the hygiene-related parameters deviate from the target values or recommended limit values, the operator can immediately take corrective action to avoid potential risks to health before such risks are allowed to arise.

And this is where the system of Lovibond® water testing equipment and reagents comes into play. The Lovibond® range of instruments provides operators of private and public baths with analysis systems that measure the actual condition and quality of the water with maximum precision. Moreover, the Lovibond® systems succeed in reconciling the seemingly irreconcilable goals of easy handling, safe reagents offering long-term stabili- ty, high detection accuracy, and reproducibility of results.

We hope you will find the information on the following pages convincing.


In order to support ongoing development in basic and advanced training, standardisation, and chemical and technical innovation, the Tintometer Group of Companies plays an active role in the following associations/federations under its brand name Lovibond®:

BSW Bundesverband Schwimmbad & Wellness e.V.An Lyskirchen 1450676 Cologne Germany www.bsw-web.de www.bsw-web.de

BDS Bundesverband Deutscher Schwimmmeister e. V. Römerstr. 151 50389 Wesseling Germany www.bds-ev.de

BDH Bundesverband der Hygieneinspektoren e. V. Hohenstaufenstr. 62 10781 Berlin Germany www.bundesverband-hygieneinspektoren.de

TÜV TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH TÜV Rheinland GroupRhinstr. 46 12681 Berlin Germany www.tuev-schwimmbadbauer.de

IWW Verein zur Förderung des IWW Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wasserforschung e.V. Moritzstraße 26 45476 Mülheim an der Ruhr Germany www.iww-online.de

Verband zur Fortbildung im Bereich des Gesundheits- und Infektionsschutzes e.V.
Geschäftsstelle Wolfsburg
38448 Wolfsburg


Aqua Suisse Schweizerische Vereinigung von Firmen für Wasser- und Schwimmbadtechnik Schlösslistraße 9 A 3001 Bern Switzerland www.aquasuisse.ch

APSP APSP The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals 2111 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, VA 22314 USA www.asps.org


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