Resin Test Kits

  • Detects resin damaging iron (ferric) and colloidal organic matter
  • Portable solutions for in-situ testing
  • Increased efficiency, reduced operational costs
  • Optional resin conversion kit

A set of Lovibond® test kits to monitor the condition of ion exchange resin in industrial demineralisation and domestic/industrial water softening plant. Iron fouling, organic fouling and physical bead damage are the three main causes of decreased exchange capacity. Poor condition resin beds promote the growth of micro-organisms and increase possibilities of scale formation, ultimately impacting on efficiency and operational costs.

Test kits are supplied in small, portable carry cases and contain sufficient reagents for between 25 and 100 tests.

56K002001: For the detection of resin damaging iron (ferric) and colloidal organic matter.

56R002090 Resin Fouling Reagent Pack Tests/Pack
Hydrochloric Acid 25
Alkaline Brine Reagent 25
Ammonium Thiocyanate Reagent 100
Ferric Iron Test 100

56K002101: Measurement of total ion exchange capacity of new resin (H+, OH- and Cl) and the operational regeneration capacity of in service resin (H+ and OH-)

56R002190 Resin Capacity Reagent Pack Tests/Pack
Acidity Titration Test 100
Chloride Test 100
KN Reagent 100
Sodium Bicarbonate 100
Chlorine Titrant Cartridge 100

56K002201: A complete test kit for the full conversion of 5ml portions of strongly cationic or anionic resin so that resin capacity can be determined using The Resin Capacity Test Kit.

56R002290 Resin Conversion Pack Tests/Pack
Conversion Acid 25
Hydrochloric Acid 25
Ammonia Reagent 25
Sodium Chloride 25

Hardness Checker (Trade only)
Single or three reagent checkers for softener breakthrough.
MOQ: 1000pcs. Branding available
56K002398 (single)
56K002498 (3 reagent)


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