Digital Titration

  • High accuracy
  • Safe and compact for field testing
  • Dedicated syringette assembly for accurate dosing
  • < 1 ml of reagent per test
  • Reduced chemical exposure

Fast and accurate titration tests for the industrial chemist and industrial water treatment engineer. The DIGI Titrator uses a dedicated syringette assembly to deliver accurate doses of titrant to enable high accuracy titration tests to be performed outside of the laboratory in a safe, compact way, using less than a millilitre of reagent per test.

The compact DIGI Titrator is at the heart of the Lovibond® professional range of portable laboratories where several syringettes can be included in one kit for maximum flexibility. One syringette per test type. See our Portable Laboratory (Build Your Own Test Kit) section here for case/kit options.

Code: 56A003901
Digital Titrator and set of 8 syringettes

Reagent Pack Description Range Tests/Pack
56R010050 DIGI Acidity Titrator Pack 0.1-50 Acid Value 50
56R010150 DIGI Alkalinity (P, M, OH) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000mg/l CaCO3 50
56R010250 DIGI Chloride Titrator Reagent Pack 50-2000mg/l Cl 50
56R010350 DIGI Chlorine Bleach Titrator Pack 10-2000mg/l Cl2 50
56R010450 DIGI EDTA (Free) Titrator Pack 75-3000mg/l EDTA 50
56R010550 DIGI Hardness (Total/Calcium) Reagent Titrator Pack 10-2000mg/l CaCO3 50
56R010650 DIGI Hardness (Total) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000mg/l CaCO3 50
56R010750 DIGI Hardness (Calcium) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000mg/l CaCO3 50
56R010850 DIGI Nitrite Titrator Reagent Pack 20-2000mg/l NaNO2 50
56R010950 DIGI Peracetic Titrator Pack 20-800mg/l PAA 50
56R011050 DIGI Phosphonate Titrator Reagent Pack 2-50mg/l HEDP 50
56R011150 DIGI Sulphite Titrator Reagent Pack 10-100mg/l Na2SO3 50
56R011250 DIGI Total Chelant Titrator Pack 100-2800mg/l EDTA 50
56R011350 DIGI Zinc (Free Soluble) Titrator Reagent Pack 0.1-10mg/l Zn2+ 50
56R011450 DIGI Zinc (Total Complexed) Titrator Pack 0.1-10mg/l Zn2+ 50
Code Description Qty/Pack
56A006801 DIGI Titrator 1
56A006972 3 way valves for DIGI Titrator 5
56A007072 2mm Polypropylene Titrator Dispensing Tube 5
56A007101 Tip / Syringe for DIGI Brand Titrator 1
56A006501 Syringe, 20ml, plastic 1
56A006601 Stirring/crushing rod – plastic 1
56A006701 60ml Plastic Titration Jar with Cap 1


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