Food and Beverage


  • Determination of cleaning or treatment chemicals
  • Process machinery and surface sanitisation
  • Easy-to-use kits for on-site testing
  • Obtain results in just seconds
  • Enable historical record keeping and compliance

Dairy producers, food processors and commercial sanitizers all require test equipment for the determination of cleaning or treatment chemicals. Whether it is for the on-going operation of process machinery or for surface sanitisation, the Lovibond® range of test kits provide a quick and easy way to obtain accurate product concentration in seconds.

Individual test kits are available based on simple titration chemistries. Step-by-step instructions guide the user to the final result. Many speciality chemical manufacturers use this range as the basis of a full testing program for their products. Kits are passed through to customers for continued on-site testing/record keeping and compliance.

Alkalinity Hi / Low Test Kit 
For caustic and carbonate determinations on gels, foams, conveyor lubricants and caustic CIP and bottle washing products. This versatile test kit is ideal for measuring a wide range of caustic products.
Disinfection (QAC / Cationic) Test Kit & Anionic Test Kit
For the determination of cationic/anionic disinfectants such as QAC’s/lauryl sulphate used in the sanitisation of process areas and machinery.
Oxidising Biocides Test Kit
For measuring a wide range of oxidising biocides, including available chlorine, iodine, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This kit can be used to ensure correct application of terminal disinfectants used extensively throughout the food and beverage industry.
Acidity Test Kit
Acid based cleaners are used extensively in cleaning, for the removal of dirt, deposits and scale. This test kit can be calibrated to measure a wide range of acid based commercial cleaners
EDTA / Total Chelant Test Kit
Chelating agents such as EDTA are excellent anti-foam and scale suppression additives, used extensively in commercial formulations.Warewashing Test Kit
For the determination of key elements in setting up commercial dishwasher systems. Hardness, detergent, starch and caustic tests are included.
Code Product Range Tests
56K002801 Acid Products Drop Test Kit   200+
56R002890 Acid Products Reagent Pack 0,01 – 5,0 % H2SO2 200+
56K002901 Alkalinity Hi / Low Drop Test Kit   100+
56R002990 Alkalinity Hi/Low Reagent Pack 0,025 – 6,0 % NaOH 100+
56K003001 Anionic Drop Test Kit   100+
56R003090 Anionic Reagent Pack 0 – 1200 mg/l NLS
(Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
56K003101 Disinfection (QAC/Cationic) Drop Test Kit   100+
56R003190 Disinfection (QAC/Cationic) Reagent Pack 60 – 1800 mg/l CTAB
(Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide)
56K003201 EDTA/Total Chelant Drop Test Kit   200+
56R003294 EDTA Reagent Pack and 100 – 2000 mg/l EDTA 100+
Total Chelant Reagent Pack 100 – 2000 mg/l EDTA 100+
56K003301 Oxidising Biocides Drop Test Kit   300+
56R003396 Das Reagenzienpack für oxidierende Biozide enthält:
Chlorine (BR2 + I2) Reagent Pack 0 – 6,0 % Cl2 0 – 75 mg/l I2 100+
Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent Pack 15 – 5000 mg/l H2O2 100+
Peracetic Acid Reagent Pack 15 – 500 mg/l CH3CO3H 100+
56K003401 Warewashing (Dishwasher) Drop Test Kit   300+
56R003496 Warewashing Reagent Pack Contains:
Hardness Reagent Pack 0 – 300 mg/l CaCO3 100+
Alkalinity (Detergent) Reagent Pack 10 – 300 mg/l CaCO3 100+
Starch Detection Reagent Pack Trace 100+


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