Cleaning Chlorination

  • Portable kit for rapid determination
  • Control bacterial contamination
  • Determine free chlorine levels, assess chemical flow and detect trace levels
  • Identify biocide activity

Hot and cold water services require routine cleaning/chlorination in order to maintain effective control of any bacterial contamination, particularly in large buildings with extensive pipe-work. The Cleaning/Chlorination Test Kit is a small portable kit that allows the cleaning engineer to rapidly determine free chlorine levels are correct prior to disinfection, assess the flow through outlets and detect trace levels after the final flush. A pH meter is included to ensure optimum pH and hence biocide activity prior to disinfection.

Code: 56K001001:
Chlorination Test Kit

This kit includes:

Code Articlel Range Tests/Packs
56R005190 Chlorine (Free) Drop Test 15 – 300 mg/l Cl2 100
146020 Chlorine CHECKIT®Comparator Disc 0 – 4 mg/l Cl2 100
511310 BT + 511290 BT DPD 1 and DPD 3 0 – 4 mg/l Cl2 100
56S000190 Starch/Iodide Strips – Rapid Test 0 – 200 mg/l Cl2 100
194800 SD 50 Hand-Held pH Meter pH 0 – 14,00


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