Pool Software

Pool Software


  • Analyses Water Balance
  • Set parameter boundaries specific to your customer
  • Customizable for up to 9,999 customers, 99 pools per customer
  • Recommends chemical dosing
  • Suitable for domestic and public pools
  • Can be used independently of PM 600/620 with manual readings

The pool software is an ideal software tool for commercial pool operators to measure pool parameters, analyse the results and propose the recommended treatments. Customizable for up to 9,999 customers and 99 pools per customer, AquaMATE provides a self-contained unit for operators ‘on-the-road’.

Designed to enhance the functionality of the Lovibond® PM 600/620 photometers, the pool software analyses all the essential pool parameters required for Balanced Water. Once the analysis has been made, the software then automatically tries to ‘restore’ the water’s balance; recommending the required chemical dosing to bring the water as close as possible to zero on the Langelier Saturation Index.

Operators can rest assured their customers are accurately informed and the right amount of chemicals are administered.

Order code: 97 50 00

The pool software can either be used as an integrated software tool with the Lovibond® PM photometers or as a stand-alone application to analyse the Balanced Water parameters of swimming pools.

Designed originally to enhance the functionality of the PM photometerss, The pool software downloads the measured parameter information via an infrared modem, stores the data to a PC and builds a series of tests which are then allocated to a specific swimming pool of a particular customer. This data, together with the swimming pool configuration data, can then be used to interpret the water quality and analyse which parameter corrections are required and what chemical dosing is recommended.

When used independently of the PM photometers, the operator can either enter the values via the built-in tools or manually enter the measurement results.

Tho pool software has been designed as a modular application so multi user interfaces may be displayed on screen at any one time by selecting the icons as depicted below:

General configuration

The General Configuration Module enables the user to: Select the User Interface language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish. Enter customer data as it should appear on the header of printed documents. Preview capability is available. Set the parameter boundaries for Chlorine and Bromine treated swimming pools respectively per category. The categories are:

  • Private Pools
  • Residential Pools
  • Hotels, Schools, Camps, Vacation Resort Pools
  • Public Pools

The parameter boundaries for selection are: Free or Available Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Total Bromine, pH and Cyanuric Acid.

Customer file

In the Customer File, the user can store, modify or delete Customer and Pool data. It can contain up to 9,999 customers and 99 pools per customer.

Product configuration

The Product Configuration module allows the user to add and remove chemical products that might be required to correct the water balance. These are acids and bases needed to lower or raise the pH and/or Total Alkalinity, chemicals used to raise the Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid required for protecting chlorine from UV depletion.

Data transfer from photometer

This module allows the user to import test data from the PM photometers to the PC. If a Photometer is not available or additional test results have to be added (such Temperature or TDS), it is possible to do this manually.

Water Balance

The Water Balance module enables the user to interpret the pool water quality through a given set of parameters and modify a certain number of water parameters in manual or automatic mode.

In manual mode, after setting the start parameters, the user can raise or lower the pH or Total Alkalinity (TA), the Calcium Hardness (CH) and/ or increase the Cyanuric Acid (CA) concentration. Scrollbars and textboxes can be used to alter parameter values.
Provided that all necessary parameter values are available, the Langelier Saturation Index (SI) is calculated continuously when changes in one of the values occur.

In automatic mode the software tries to restore the water balance by trying to equalise the SI to zero or a value as close as possible to zero. It takes into account the parameter boundaries set in the “General Configuration” module and the possible choice of products (chemicals) and their availability. Once the start parameters have been set, clicking on the “Restore water balance” button opens a new window with dosage instructions or information about the failure to improve the water balance.

Handy tools

Chlorine dosage
Enables the user to calculate the amount of a selected Chlorine donor needed to raise the free or available free Chlorine concentration to the desired level.
Acid demand
acid demand Enables the user to calculate the quantity of acid needed to reduce the pH of the pool water to a certain value using the commonly named “acid demand” method.
Phosphate removal
Calculates the quantity of Phosphate remover (Lanthanum compounds) needed to either reach zero Phosphate or the desired low level.
Salt chlorination
Analyses the amount of salt to be added to the pool water in order to restore the ideal concentration of salt according to the salt chlorination equipment producer’s specifications.

System requirements

Processor minimum: 4 MHz, recommended: 1 GHz
RAM minimum: 96 MB, recommended: 512 MB
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768, (screen depending)
Operating system: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7
Disc space ca. 10 MB

The software has been developed using the .NET framework 2.0 that primarily runs on Microsoft® Windows® platforms. It may be necessary to update the application soon in order to make it fully compatible with Windows® Vista and Windows® 7, using .NET framework 3.5 or 4.0. The .NET Framework Client Profile is not supported on IA-64-based (Itanium).


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