Comparator 2000+

The system for colorimetric water analysis.


  • More than 400 different test discs are available
  • Compensation for coloured and turbid samples
  • Guaranteed constancy of the coloured glass standards
  • Integrated prism


  • Water Treatment (e.g. Drinking Water)
  • Pool-Water
  • Research Centres
  • Universities
  • Special Applications
  • Laboratory and Field Testing

The Comparator System 2000+

With its accessories, the Lovibond Comparator system 2000 is an extremely versatile, modular system for testing water. It is simple to use yet is uncompromising in terms of precision and reproducibility of results. It is compact and portable. The integrated prism brings the glass standards of the test discs and the coloured sample into the same field of view.

Test Discs

The required accuracy of results is only ensured if stable, fade-free colour standards are used. Glass colour standards are fade-free, resistant to chemicals and scratchproof. Lovibond standards are made from coloured glass filters. They comply with international standards, e.g. ISO 7393/2. Please see the table on page 28 for information on the various test discs or refer to our L 213 test disc catalogue.

Lighting unit

We recommend the use of the battery-operated Lovibond lighting unit in variable lighting conditions. This guarantees uniform lighting conditions, and ensures greater test accuracy.


We manufacture precision plastic and optical glass cells in line with the highest quality standards. The cells ensure high precision and reproducibility of results.