SD 310 Oxi

GLP features, Easy calibration against air, Data storage, Auto hold function, Backlit display, Alarm function (Min/Max)

The portable meter SD 310 Oxi meets the day-to-day demands for sturdy and reliable measurement of dissolved oxygenand completes the SD 300 series.


  • Dissolved oxygen (O2)
  • O2-Concentration in mg/l
  • O2-Saturation in %
  • Temperature in °C/°F


  • Drinking/ potable water
  • Waste Water
  • Surface Water


  • Water Treatment Companies
  • Industrial and Governmental Laboratories
  • Sewage Plants
  • Water Protection Control

The portable meter SD 310 Oxi meets the day-to- day demands for sturdy and reliable measurement of dissolved oxygen and completes the SD 300 series.

The well-known Clark-oxygen-sensor with integrated temperature compensation allows instant measurement without the need for time- consuming polarisation.

A direct, convenient user interface facilitates meter operation both outdoors and in the laboratory.

The automatic hold function “freezes” measuring data in the display, and makes them easy to read.

The internal memory allows storage of up to 1,000 data sets. Also an internal data logger enables continuousley monitoring of measurement results. Monitoring becomes even more convenient with the alarm function.

The water-tight housing (IP 65 & IP 67) together with the rugged and protective armour ensures reliable operation even in extreme ambient conditions.

The support can be flipped up to hang the meter on pipes or branches or for fastening to a belt.

O2 concentration 0,0 … 70,0 mg/l
O2 partial pressure 0 … 1200 hPa O2

0,0 … 427,5 mm Hg

O2 saturation 0 … 600 %
Ambient air pressure 10…1.200 hPA abs.
Sensor temperature – 5 bis 50 °C = 23 bis 122 °F
Accuracy O2 concentration 0 … 25 mg/l ± 1,5% ± 0,2 mg/l25 …70 mg/l ± 2,5% ± 0,3 mg/l
Temperature accuracy  ± 0,1 °C
Ambient air pressure accuracy 3 hPa bzw. 0.1 % full scale (higher value relevant)
Ambient conditions sensor 0 to 40°C= 32 to 104°F 0 to 95% relative density (non-condensing)
Storage temperature Instrument: -25…70°C = -13…158°F Sensor:
0 … 40 °C = 32 … 104 °F
Nominal temperature 25 °C
Display Backlit LCD
Data storage 1,000 data sets manually
8,000 data sets cyclically
Power supply 2 x AAA Batteries
Dimensions 164x98x37mm(HxWxD) protective armouring
Weight 287 g incl. batteries and protective armouring
Power consumption 6.25 mA (with Out = Off, corresponding to 160 h), backlight: 10 mA (switches off automatically)
Auto-Off 0 – 120 minutes
Electrode connection 7-pin bayonet connection. Interface/ ext. supply:
4-pin bayonet connection
for serial interface and supply

Measurement of:
Oxygen partial pressure, Oxygen Concentration, Oxygen Saturation, Temperature measurement

Auto Hold Function

Alarm Function

Data Logger + Software

Easy calibration against oxygen in air

Salinity correction

Self-polarising galvanic oxygen probe (Clark),
allows instant measurement after system is switched on

Low battery and battery change indicator

Sensor evaluation
after calibration in the display

Shock-absorbing rubber protective armouring

Waterproof IP 65 and IP 67