Cutting Fluid Test Kit

  • Ensures compliance to regional Health and Safety at Work Procedures
  • Optimises cutting fluid performance
  • Safely controls microbiological contamination
  • Optimised for accurate trend analysis

Cutting fluids are required in metal machining to improve tool life, reduce work piece thermal deformation, enhance surface finish and to flush chips from the cutting zone. These fluids degrade with time due to bacterial growth and contamination with tramp oil.

Testing is essential since health risks exist for lathe operators by both fluid contact (dermatitis) and breathing of the mist/vapour (asthma, extrinsic allergic alveolitis and other breathing problems).

Biocidal additives improve the life of the fluid and reduce the hazard to health. On-going monitoring, inspection and maintenance are required in the UK as part of an employer’s obligation under Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Similar work related mandates are in force across Europe.

Lovibond® test kits measure the key parameters necessary to optimise cutting fluid performance and enable enumeration and safe control of microbiological contamination. The basic kit is supplied with tests for cutting fluid concentration (refractometer), pH, water hardness, Nitrite/Nitrate and dipslides for monitoring microbiological activity. A deluxe version, incorporating the DI 10 dipslide incubator is also available. A uniform incubation temperature for dipslides allows accurate microbiological trend analysis month on month.

Ordering Information:
56K021401: Basic Cutting Fluid Test Kit
56K021501: Deluxe Cutting Fluid Test Kit (Includes DI 10 Dipslide Incubator)

Code Product Range Tests/Pack
194800 SD 50 Hand-held pH meter pH 0 – 14,00
56B000410 Dipslides Combi/RBS Aerobic/Yeast & Fungi 10
56S000950 Hardness Test Strips 0 – 500 mg/l CaCO3 50
56S001890 Nitrite/Nitrate Test Strips NO3– / 1 – 80 mg/l NO2 100
56M000201 Brix Refractometer 0 – 18 % BRIX


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