About us

There are very few companies which can look back over a history of over 130 years of success. The reason we can do so lies in the world-wide appreciation of our products and the determination of our work-force to maintain this.

– Cay-Peter Voss, CEO

Tintometer Company

Water is the basis of life. And it also provides the basis of our company and its activities. At Tintometer we have always specialized in scientific and technological products which make water analysis not just simple but also dependable and reliable.
For over 130 years we have concentrated on water purity and continue to set new standards in the market. More than 350 employees are at work every day, working for our customers and meeting their requirements. And achieving our vision: that research and development today will result in betterment for us all tomorrow.

Tintometer is one of the leading companies in the field of water analysis. Our trade-name Lovibond® is known in over 140 countries, where we offer innovative products for the precise determination of different types of water : water in swimming pools, drinking water, foul water, surface and ground water, untreated water and effluents, through to cooling water and boiler feed water.

All round the world the highly-qualified and dedicated Tintometer team guarantees optimum equipment for any kind of water analysis. Our research and development department works closely with institutes in Germany, England, Switzerland and the USA. Together, we are constantly developing new, user-friendly Instrument systems and analytical recording processes which we bring to full production level in the shortest possible time.

Outstanding quality, maintained always at the highest level, forms the basis of all our work. And this applies not only to our products, which have been certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008 since 1997, but also to our service. The best proof of this is to ask our customers and here we can provide proof in all the various fields in which we are active. In this way we can always be sure that we meet your demands and requirements to the optimum degree.


1885 » 1953 » 1967 » 1973 » 1982 » 1985 » 1989 » 1997 » 1998 » 2000 » 2003 » 2005 » 2007 » 2012

2012 New offices, expansion of research and development, expansion of the logistics center and a new parking lot at the Schleefstraße in Dortmund Aplerbeck.

2007 Enlargement of the logistics centre in Dortmund-Aplerbeck. Logistik

2005 120 years Lovibond. A new factory is built in Solstice Park, England. SolsticeThe new factory building in Solstice Park, England.

2003 In the spring of 2003 we opened a new logistics centre to optimize product customation and delivery times in Dortmund, Germany. Tintometer Dortmund
The factory in Dortmund Aplerbeck, Germany with the new logicistic centre.

2000 Research, Development and Equipment Production of water analytical systems and reagents for various applications.Global marketing of LOVIBOND products.

1998 Introduction of new range PCCHECKIT Photometer systems. Labor
Calibration of CheckitDirect in the laboratory.

1997 Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 by DQS.30 years of successful activities of the Tintometer GmbH, Lovibond Water Testing in Dortmund/Germany.

1989 Change of premises from the facilities at Westfalendamm 73 to our current address. Tintometer Dortmund
The factory in Dortmund Aplerbeck, Germany.

1985 Centinary of The Tintometer Ltd. in Salisbury England with congratulations by the Prime Minister Margret Thatcher.

1982 Introduction of the first Photometer systems for water analysis.

1973 Publication of the book „Kolorimetrisch chemische Analyseverfahren“ in German language.

1967 Foundation of the Tintometer GmbH, Lovibond Water Testing Company in Dortmund/Germany by Cay-Peter Voss.Technical backup and service together with closer contact leading to prompt supply of instrumentation to customers in Continental Europe.

1953 Publication of the first edition of the book „Colorimetric Chemical Analytical Methods (CCAM).Colorimetric Analytical Equipment was introduced using reagent tablets as an alternative to the liquid chemistry.

1885 Joseph Williams Lovibond being in the brewery business started the foundation of the Tintometer Ltd. in Salisbury/England.Joseph Williams Lovibond introduced the LOVIBOND colour scale and the first colorimeter ever. Joseph Lovibond
Joseph Lovibond