Laundry Test Kit

  • Tests chemical additives throughout the wash cycle
  • Portable kit for on-site testing
  • Easy to use with visual, comparative readings
  • Reduces chemical additive needs and costs

A range of test equipment is available for the commercial laundry engineer to enable quick and efficient testing of key chemical additives throughout the wash cycle. The multi-parameter Lovibond® test kit contains a specific range of tests for the quantification of commercial laundry cleaning products. A pH meter is also included to enable fast and accurate pH measurement, irrespective of water quality.

56K002501: Laundry Test Kit

Code Product Range Tests/Packs
194800 SD 50 Hand-held pH Meter pH 0 – 14,00
56R008190 pH Sour Test (Colour Card) pH 4 – 10 100+
56R004190 Alkalinity Total (Wash) 0,25 – 6,0 % NaOH 100+
56R004390 Alkalinity Free (Rinse) 250 – 6000 mg/l NaOH 100+
56R005690 Chlorine Bleach Drop Test
Chlorine Bleach (Concentrate)
0,25 – 15 % Cl2
100 – 2400 mg/l Cl2
56K005301 Chlorine Spot Test (Fabric) Trace 100+
56R006890 Hardness Drop Test 10 – 300 mg/l CaCO3 100+
56S000850 Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 0 – 100 mg/l H2O2 50
56R007490 Iron Spot Test (Fabric) Trace 100+
56R008090 Oxygen (Available) Drop Test 0 – 500 mg/l O2 100+
56S000301 Starch/Iodide Test strip (for chlorine testing) Presence/Absence 3m reel
56A004401 Pocket Thermometer (Spirit) 5 – 105 °C


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