PD 250

Precise and repeatable dosing of Powder Reagents


  • Determination of chlorine according to ISO 7393-2:2000 (free + total)
  • 250 tests
  • 5 years reagent shelf life (unopened vial)
  • Easy handling
  • Precise dosage


The PD250 is designed for easy and controlled dosage of DPD powder reagents. One click gives the exact amount of reagent required for a 10 ml sample. The PD 250 is the perfect alternative to the Powder Packs for those carrying out a number of tests, saving time while also reducing the amount of packaging waste.

The reagent is supplied in sealed glass vials, sufficient for up to 250 tests. The protective sealing enables a shelf life of up to 5 years although, once the vial has been opened, the contents should be used within 6 months. The vials can be changed quickly and easily. Furthermore, the dispenser can be thoroughly cleaned and the ergonomic design allows for comfort during operation.

Delivery Content: PD 250 in carton, including 1 reagent vial and instruction manual.


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