Completely newly developement

The SD 400 Oxi L is a completely newly developed instrument that has been designed for the application of treatment plants and waterworks, research and teaching, as well as fish-farming. The luminescence technology combines high measurement accuracy with low maintenance and operates without electrolyte solution.

  • high measurement accuracy using luminescence technology
  • short response time of the oxygen electrode
  • low maintenance due to long-life electrode
  • low incident flow of the electrode – no need for stirring
  • incl. software for advanced and simplified data management with data logger function
  • backlit LC-display for measurements in any environment

With its standard BSB flask-optimized electrode, the SD 400 Oxi L is ideally suited for the measurement of BOD in laboratories using the dilution method.

We would like to take the opportunity of the product launch to make a special offer on this instrument for a limited period. Please contact us at sales@tintometer.de to receive this offer. You can register for an online training now by using this link .

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