The new SD 310 Oxi

New oxygen meter

The SD 310 Oxi is the latest generation of oxygen meters and replaces the previous model, SensoDirect Oxi200. It has been designed specifically to target laboratories and environmental institutions, such as treatment plants and municipal waterworks, and supports the reliable measurement of dissolved oxygen in water.

SD 310 Oxi highlights include:

  • improved oxygen electrode
  • internal data logger & logger software for advanced and simplified data management
  • backlit LC-display for measurements in any environment
  • alarm functions for monitoring various parameters

Our developers have focused on making the instrument extra user-friendly: the „Auto-Hold“ function makes reading measurement values extremely easy, while the Clark sensor ensures ease-of-use due to a reduced incident flow need. Should the results differ from the individually predefined limits, the embedded alarm function sends an acoustic signal.

We would like to take the opportunity of the SD 310 product launch to make a special offer on this instrument for a limited period. Please contact us at sales@tintometer.de to receive this ® ® offer. You can register for online training now by using this link.

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