The new device generation SD 50 pH-Meter

The new Lovibond® SD 50 pH is an easy-to-use, hand-held instrument for the accurate measurement of pH and temperature.
With robust housing and fully waterproof (IP67) casing, the pH meter is the ideal solution for pool & spa applications.

The intuitive scroll-bar functionality and backlit display enable the easy measurement and
simultaneous display of

Result  Temperature  Date & Time  Other Measurement Details.

With 25 sets of data storage, each with
date and time stamp, the unit also enables
the easy recalling of data for record keeping requirements.

Designed and manufactured according to Lovibond® quality standards, the SD 50 pH
can be upgraded with replaceable electrodes
to ensure long-life functionality in the field.

Order code: 19 48 00


• Accuracy ± 0.05 pH

• Scroll-Through Functionality

• Temperature compensation

• Storage Function

• Backlit Display

• Waterproof (IP67)

Delivery Content

• Meter in a robust plastic case
with hanger

• 2 Batteries

• Lanyard

• Instruction Manual

SD 50 pH
• additionally: pH 4, 7, 10 buffer tablets
(1 strip of 10 tablets each)

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