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New Name: Aqualytic® becomes Lovibond®!

For more than 20 years Aqualytic® has been part of the Tintometer® brand family and Lovibond® technology, innovation and expertise has been incorporated inside the measuring instruments and reagents of Aqualytic®. In the future, we will all benefit from this affiliation being obvious from the outside.

Apart from that everything will remain as before.

Aqualytic® will break new ground, using the strong brand of Lovibond®:

  • Same content – same quality
  • Constant conditions
  • No changes to commercial terms such as warranty
  • Reliable support and repair services
  • Contact persons, addresses, ordering and delivery channels: Everything remains as usual

A bright future

Lovibond® carries the persuasive power of a brand established for more than 130 years stands for:

  • Outstanding quality with a convincing price-performance ratio.
  • High innovative power and unique flexibility within our industry

Playing by the rules, across the world

Demands for compliance are growing continuously. Lovibond® products are perfectly equipped to meet these demands and comply with applicable laws, guidelines and standards:

  • Safety data sheets, classifications and product labels according to the Globally Harmonised System for Chemicals (GHS) in an ever increasing number of languages
  • Active participation in standards development and worldwide networking in associations, organisations and federations

Better service – increased satisfaction

At Lovibond®, the customer comes first – in all aspects:

  • Modern website with a wide range of information and downloads
  • Compliance data, SDS, GHS, user manuals and much more — our materials are available in an increasing number of languages
  • Reliable repair service
  • Worldwide training and support

Versatile product portfolio

With Lovibond® you have even more choice. With a larger selection and a greater variety of instruments, reagents, and accessories.



Will Aqualytic® now be taken over by Tintometer if the brand is renamed Lovibond®?

No, Aqualytic® has already been part of the Tintometer group of companies. Since 1996 Aqualytic® brand has been part of the Tintometer brand family

What happens to the Aqualytic® brand?

The AQUALYTIC® brand will be continuously replaced by the Lovibond® brand until the end of 2020. Aqualytic® products are expected to be available until 2022.

When does the changeover process start and how long will it take?

You can already see the first external symbols on the marketing materials at our exhibition stands: The Lovibond® logo will replace the Aqualytic® logo with a transition period until the end of 2020.

Why are these changes being made?

With the brand transition, we are simplifying our brand presence in order to achieve greater transparency and customer acceptance. We are convinced that the Lovibond® brand, with its global reputation, has a high recognition value and a much greater market penetration.


What does this mean for me as a distributor?

With the Lovibond® brand you will receive the same products with the same quality and a wider portfolio on a versatile homepage. The same team works on development and design as before. The support is broader. The product itself will not change.

Can I still sell my existing Aqualytic® products?

Of course. You can continue to sell your stocks of Aqualytic® products!

Can I continue to buy and sell reagents and accessories for Aqualytic® equipment?

Of course. You will continue to receive suitable reagents and accessories.

How long do I still get Aqualytic® devices if my customers want them?

The production of devices with Aqualytic® brand will be continued until the end of 2022 at the latest. We will keep a stock of some of the most popular Aqualytic® devices for longer and inform you accordingly.

Will I keep my old customer code?

Yes, your old AQUALYTIC® customer code will be retained and transferred to Lovibond®.

Will my conditions change due to the changeover?

Your commercial conditions do not change, your existing conditions remain valid.

Will the recommended retail prices (SRP) or selling prices change as a result of the brand changeover?

No, the prices remain the same.

How do I inform my customers about the brand change?

We have marketing material ready for you, which you can download from the distributor portals on our homepages at www.lovibond.com or www.aqualytic.com. There is also a separate information page on the websites, which provides specific information about the brand change. We also include information flyers with the product deliveries and attach stickers to the products to indicate the brand change. We also provide comprehensive information in advance at trade fairs and on our websites.

How do I implement the brand transition in my publications?

Simply replace the Aqualytic® logo with the Lovibond® logo or brand name and adjust the product descriptions and part numbers.

Do I receive marketing material from Lovibond® for informing my customers?

Yes, the existing marketing materials will be converted step by step and are also available on the homepage.

Are there any contact changes or different telephone numbers?

No. All addresses and telephone numbers remain basically the same:
Phone: (+49) 231 94510 – 0
Fax: (+49) 231 94510 – 30
The Tintometer address has only a small addition to the building:
Tintometer Ltd.
Lovibond® Water Testing
Schleefstraße 8-12
44287 Dortmund

Will my contact persons change?

No. Your personal contacts in sales, service, field service, repair service etc. remain the same.
The central contact data:

Phone: (+49) 231 94510 – 0
Fax: (+49) 231 94510 – 30
e-mail: sales@lovibond.com

Will the e-mail addresses remain the same?

No, these will change. Instead of aqualytic.de, the e-mail addresses will have the suffix lovibond.com, e.g. sales@lovibond.com.


Does anything change in the reagent composition or in the measuring instruments?

No, the products are identical. They just have a different logo and name. The compatibility of the reagents is also completely identical among each other, the reagents can also be mixed with each other. There is no change in the performance of the instruments, their technology and mode of operation or the reliability of results.

Do the part numbers of the Aqualytic® products change with the conversion?

No, the Aqualytic® part numbers remain the same. However, you can now order the same Lovibond® products. We provide a cross-reference list on the start page of the Aqualytic® homepage at www.aqualytic.com in an online version for you, so that you can find and assign the part numbers you are looking for more easily. You can also find the list in our distributor portals at www.lovibond.com or www.aqualytic.com as an Excel spreadsheet with search a function.

Will I be able to order all Lovibond® products in future?

Yes, even in the transitional period you can already order Lovibond® products with your Aqualytic® customer code.

Does the product packaging change?

Yes, the product packaging will henceforth show the name and logo of Lovibond®.

Will there be changes in the product literature?

Yes, in future the brand name and logo of Lovibond® will also appear here after a transitional period with a catalogue announcing the brand change.

Are there any changes in the certificates of analysis?

Yes, the brand name and logo of Lovibond® sometimes appear here too – the content is identical.

Are there changes in the safety data sheets (SDS)?

No, the safety data sheets are neutral in design and do not show a logo or brand name.


Are there any legal changes?

No. Aqualytic® has been legally part of Tintometer GmbH since 1996. All transactions have therefore always taken place with Tintometer GmbH. Legal entities will not be affected by the transfer of the brand.

Are the existing contracts affected by changes?

No. The existing contracts remain in force, as they are not affected by the name change.

What about tenders, etc.?

From now on only Lovibond® products will be traded here. For ongoing transactions, please let us know the quantities and the expected delivery date/tender opening.


Will there be changes in the ordering process?

No, your customer code will remain the same. Your contact persons will remain the same.

Do I have to change the supplier name in my order?

No, the supplier is still Tintometer GmbH.

Will there be changes in shipping processing and shipping costs?

No, there will be no changes there.

What does the changeover mean for my current orders?

Existing orders will be processed with your original order code and your Aqualytic® customer code. You will receive an invoice from Tintometer GmbH.

From whom will I receive the invoices in future and from when?

Invoices are issued by Tintometer GmbH, the documents display the Lovibond® logo. Please adapt your own IT systems accordingly.

How do I pay my bills in the future?

You make the payments to Tintometer GmbH as before, nothing changes here. Please adjust your bank details if necessary.

Does the sales tax identification number change?

No, the sales tax identification number does not change and remains the same:
DE 124 729 067.

Do the shipping boxes change?

Yes, after a transitional period the shipping boxes will carry the brand name and logo of Lovibond®.


Do the instrument warranties and warranty claims remain valid?

Yes. We continue to fulfill every guarantee and warranty claim that was guaranteed at the time of purchase.

How long will Aqualytic® devices be repaired?

Our service guarantees the usual repair claim for 8 years.

How long is the Aqualytic® homepage still available?

The website will be available for a longer time at www.aqualytic.com, but will not be updated and redirected to www.lovibond.com.

Will there be changes in quality control?

No, everything here will remain the same and with the proven quality.


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