The all-rounder

One of the basic requirements for healthy bathing and swimming in private surroundings is a guaranteed, thorough method of water treatment via accurate water analysis. The various parameters demand different testing methods and the 5 in 1 MULTI POOLTESTER combines five parameters in a single test kit. This compact, handheld instrument includes an intuitive user interface for running the various tests.

Measurable parameters include free, active and total chlorine (0.1 – 3.0 mg/l), pH value (6.8 – 8.2), cyanuric acid/stabilizer ( 20 – 200 mg/l), alkalinity-m/carbonate hardness (20 – 800 mg/l CaCO3), and calcium hardness (20 – 800 mg/l CaCO3). Therefore, the MULTI POOLTESTER scores maximum points for accuracy. Included with the 5 in 1 MULTI POOLTESTER kit are different tablet reagents, accessories (two sample containers at 30 ml and 100 ml, a stirring rod and a brush) and the multi-lingual manual.

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