Orbeco-Hellige is now Tintometer Inc.

Since its acquisition by Tintometer GmbH in 2006, Orbeco-Hellige has been a member of the Tintometer® Group.  Although we have both been offering the same products, Tintometer has been selling them under the Lovibond® brand and Orbeco-Hellige, Inc. under the Orbeco-Hellige brand.

In order to simplify and increase efficiency, we will be deemphasizing the Orbeco-Hellige name and brand in favor of one consolidated, world-wide corporate identity centered around the Lovibond® brand.  By focusing on one brand, we will be able to better serve all our customers on a global basis.

Over the next several months, Orbeco-Hellige will be transitioning over to selling products solely under the Lovibond® brand.  This new branding and trade name will not change the way we operate — we will continue to offer you the exact same products, at competitive prices, with excellent sales and post-sales support.

Our Sales and Marketing teams are working to make this transition as easy as possible with minimal business impact.  We are available at any time to answer any questions and to assist in facilitating a smooth transition.

Check back here to stay up to date as we make this branding conversion!


We appreciate your support of the Tintometer® Group and we are honored to serve you now and into the future.

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